Why You Won’t See Christian Bale Driving A Ferrari

Positive, a first-era Toyota Tacoma may well not have the identical attractiveness as a Ferrari, but which is exactly what Bale likes about it. In an job interview with The Every day Beast in 2016, the celebrated actor discussed why he however drives his aged pickup truck, declaring “it is really sensible.” Bale additional, “All my pals need it for relocating things.” The Oscar-holder pointed out another reward: he would not have to get worried about his Tacoma remaining scratched or stolen as he thinks people would not locate it beneficial. In reality, the English star’s Toyota pickup was not even brand name new when he acquired it — it was a second-hand acquire, and he has been driving it for above a 10 years at any time because.

Owning a shiny new Ferrari would most likely be a nightmare for anyone like Bale, who obviously doesn’t want to be pressured out around his daily driver. Staying in an old employed truck is undoubtedly an gain for famous people hoping to mix in, but Bale has other explanations for retaining his trusty Toyota Tacoma. “Due to the fact I enjoy it,” Bale stated in an interview with Esquire. The actor expressed how he identifies with his truck, even relating it to his humble beginnings. “It can be who I am, it truly is what I appear from,” he spelled out.

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