Why One Of The Greatest Electric Motorcycle Companies Failed

As reported by the New York Times, fewer Us residents were being purchasing bikes after the 2008 recession. Even Harley-Davidson, the largest bike company in the U.S., was suffering from a profits drop in the domestic industry (by way of Reuters). Apart from Alta Motors, other electric powered motorcycle brand names these kinds of as Polaris and Arc Vector have quietly disappeared from the domestic marketplace in the prior decade. Not to overlook, Harley-Davidson’s electrical motorbike, the LiveWire, was a flop, and it is one of the causes its CEO resigned (via Organization Insider).

In accordance to John McInnis, a former worker at Alta Motors who is now operating for Harley Davidson, the major obstacle to electric powered motorbike adoption is “cultural part,” since the more mature generations favor gasoline automobiles. It could be a whilst in advance of electric powered bikes become mainstream, but electric powered bicycles have grow to be far more preferred –- and even automakers this kind of as Ford have ventured into the e-bike business. As for Alta Motors, we imagine it’s not coming back again looking at that the enterprise that acquired its intellectual property (BRP) has no fascination in reviving it. 

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