What’s will Apple’s AR/VR headset be called? Trademark filings give us a hint

If you’ve been wondering what branding Apple will attach to its long-rumored AR/VR headset, recent trademark filings may give you the revelation you’ve been looking for. According to Bloomberg, shell companies linked to Apple have reserved names for the head-mounted display, including “Reality Pro,” “Reality One,” and “Reality Processor.”

This “reality” branding coincides with the “realityOS” trademark filing that was discovered in May, thanks to hawk-eyed Twitter user Parker Ortolani. Although the the iPhone 14 event is right around the corner, don’t get too excited. Rumormongers say the AR/VR headset is slated to be revealed next year — not any time soon.

‘iReality’ didn’t make the cut

As mentioned, the trademark filings were not registered to Apple, but to a Delaware-based entity called Immersive Health Solutions, LLC (believed to be a shell company for the Cupertino-based tech giant). To keep its plans veiled, Apple often uses shell companies’ names to file for patents and trademarks. 

It’s worth noting that Immersive Health Solutions was registered by Corporation Trust Co., which happened to be the same company that appeared on the realityOS filing. Coincidence? I think not!

“Reality Processor” is likely the name that will be applied to the chipset that will be packed inside the not-yet-revealed Apple mixed-reality headset. Bean spillers say that the headset’s processor will be similar to the M2 chip found inside the 2022 MacBook Air. “Reality One” and “Reality Pro” may names of the long-rumored headset. After all, “One” and “Pro” are terms that have been featured in iProducts, so why not continue the trend with Apple’s reality arm?

Apple’s AR/VR headset is rumored to cost $3,000. To stay abreast on all the latest news about the Cupertino-based tech giant’s mixed-reality headset, check out our rumor hub here.

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