We haven’t seen Tensor 2, but Tensor 3 is already reportedly in development

Google Tensor SoC


  • Samsung is reportedly performing on two new chips.
  • One of the chips could be the 3rd technology of Google’s Tensor chip.
  • The other chip may possibly be a successor to the Galaxy A53’s Exynos 1280.

Google may be operating in collaboration with Samsung on its next procedure on a chip (SoC), which could be the Tensor 3 or possibly a Tensor 2.5. Samsung may well also be working on its very own in-residence chip, a successor to the Exynos 1280.

According to a rumor from GalaxyClub, Samsung is in the system of performing on two new chipsets. Just one of people new chipsets carries the design variety S5P9865. This sample seems to mimic the former design numbers in the Tensor line, with the initial Tensor design range currently being S5P9845 and Tensor 2 considered to have the design range S5P9855.

In addition to the design range, it’s considered that the chip is remaining analyzed below the dev board name of “Ripcurrent.” You can look at this to the code identify reportedly presented to the Tensor 2 — “Cloudripper.”

The rumor also implies that Samsung is performing on a upcoming chip of its possess. Explained chip is thought to be a successor to the Exynos 1280 processor observed in the Samsung Galaxy A53. Like the rumored Tensor chip, this SoC mimics the model range sample of the previous chip, with the 1280 chip having the range S5E8825 and the new chip having the selection S5E8835. Probably named the Exynos 1380, the chip could possibly discover its way into following year’s Galaxy A54.

It’s crucial to continue to keep in head that all of this is just a rumor and should really be treated as this sort of.

As for the Tensor 2, which will be in the approaching Pixel 7, a leak we claimed on late past month implies the chip is most likely sticking with more mature CPU cores like the Cortex-A78 and Cortex-X1. This indicates Tensor 2 could be lagging driving present flagship SoCs when it releases. If that is the circumstance, a Tensor 2.5 chip could aid Google catch up to recent flagship SoCs quicker than later on.

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