Watch bizarre moment a ZEBRA takes a stroll down busy motorway as stunned passengers watch on

THIS is the bizarre instant a zebra was observed using a stroll down a hectic motorway in Southern France leaving travellers shocked.

The grownup African equine was spotted at the A63 cross-border toll in Biriatou as motorists had been trapped in targeted traffic at the French-Spanish border on August 26 close to 11am.

Motorists said they were shocked to see a zebra walk down the busy motorway


Motorists said they ended up stunned to see a zebra stroll down the fast paced motorwayCredit score: Twitter
The zebra was on its way back from a stint in a Spanish zoo


The zebra was on its way back again from a stint in a Spanish zooCredit rating: Twitter

The wild animal was last but not least stopped by customs officers following a 30 minutes mad race.

“We ended up waiting at the toll on the Spanish facet, and we observed the animal tumbling down the street”, Julien Cazaux, a journalist, advised Sud Ouest newspaper.

“[The zebra] passed us 3 times while trotting. No 1 could catch him. Customs officers teamed up to seize him. They were panicked and functioning in all instructions.”

Cazaux, who was on a bus he had boarded in the Basque town of Bilbao, reported the sight of the zebra produced passengers forget about about the infinite site visitors jams for a couple of minutes.

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“Everybody was at the window. The young children were being pretty thrilled,” he additional.

According to Sud Ouest, the animal experienced taken gain of the fact its owner’s car or truck was stuck in targeted traffic to extricate itself from its trailer.

Panicked customs officials at the chaotic border crossing had been compelled to bait then restrain the zebra, with the help of the proprietor.

The operator was returning from Spain, where by he had lent the zebra to a zoo.

There are a few species of the distinctive black-and-white striped coated animal:  the Grévy’s zebra, plains zebra, and the mountain zebra.

According to the Intercontinental Union for Conservation of Mother nature, the Grévy’s zebra is shown as endangered, though the mountain zebra and plains zebra are vulnerable and close to-threatened, respectively.

There are a lot less than 2,000 Grévy’s zebras worldwide.

A usual zebra stands about 120–140 cm at the shoulder and can weigh any where amongst 200 and 450kg.

The breed are developed for pace and long-distance migrations.

Customs officials managed to control the zebra after 30 minutes


Customs officers managed to manage the zebra after 30 minutesCredit: Twitter

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