Understand and Avoid Phishing Attacks

It is widely acknowledged that in today’s business world, data is your company’s most valuable asset. At the same time, there are numerous stories of companies large and small succumbing to data breaches. To mitigate the risk to your most valuable asset it is essential to employ network security services.

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Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are still the most common way for hackers to compromise data security. In a phishing attack, a fraudulent communication is used to obtain data such as passwords or credit card information. The communication may be an email message that appears legitimate but directs the reader to a malicious website via an embedded link. Phishing attack email messages may be sent out in bulk or they may target specific companies or individuals. Targeted attacks are increasingly sophisticated, using personal information about the recipient in order to appear legitimate.

Phishing Awareness

To reduce the likelihood of a successful phishing attack, it is vital to educate your employees on detecting fraudulent email messages. Even if an email message appears legitimate, before clicking on a link it is important to hover the cursor over the link and check the URL shown in the status bar. If you don’t recognize the URL, or if it includes misspellings or any other indication of being fraudulent, don’t click it but instead report the incident immediately to your network security services.

Phishing Advances

Unfortunately, user awareness and tricks like hovering over a link may not be enough to detect a phishing scheme every time. Phishers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and there are examples of phishers overriding the URL displayed in the status bar. Network security services are essential for mitigating the impact of and recovering from phishing and other attacks.

Your company’s data contains customer information, transaction records, employee information and more. Protect your most valuable asset by educating your employees and employing a reliable security team.

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