Today’s Wordle Answer #436 – August 29, 2022 Solution And Hints

Here is your remaining trace — the past letter of the word is “F.” Believe really hard and you can most likely figure it out, as there is certainly really only 1 word that stands for a prime rank, starts with a “C,” and ends with an “F.” The remedy is the phrase main, anything you’ve most likely claimed extra than a couple periods, regardless of whether in the form of chiefly or when jokingly quipping at your boss, “Okay, main.” According to Etymology On the net, the phrase has been in use for hundreds of decades and can also refer to anything that is supreme or superior than the rest.

It really is truly worth noting that if you started out the puzzle with the preferred starting term crane, you would have gotten the initially letter right absent, leaving you with a handful of remaining guesses and substantial odds of success. Did you know selecting the correct starter word can make the change among figuring out the remedy or failing? We have the most effective starter terms in our related manual, as properly as some other essential recommendations.

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