Today’s Wordle Answer #398 – July 22, 2022 Solution And Hints

Assume more of a intimate day and fewer of a dentist appointment if you are however trying to guess the remedy. Ok, here’s the comprehensive reply to present-day Wordle (July 22, 2022): tryst. The word signifies an settlement (as concerning lovers) to meet, or an appointed meeting or meeting spot, in accordance to Merriam-Webster.

It took us 5 guesses to arrive at the solution nowadays, additional than the WordleBot’s noted regular of 3.9 attempts. We kicked off with the phrase stare, which the WordleBot permitted of. With 3 yellow tiles appropriate off the bat, we were being emotion assured about ending powerful.¬†But just after exhausting all of the vowels by attempting frost, crust, and wrist, we ended up previously four guesses in. By the fifth test, tryst was the only legitimate guess, and it was appropriate, thankfully. Ideally, you happen to be examining this article early enough to get the remedy in less than five attempts.¬†Until tomorrow, content Wordling!

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