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Today I will teach you to get a time interval in C#. In this tutorial, we will use the TimeSpan properties for getting the time interval. It separates the hours, minutes, seconds, millisecond and even the tick of the clock.

Now let’s start this tutorial!

1. Create a Windows Form Application for this tutorial and follow steps in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010: Go to File, click New Project, and choose Windows Application and name it as TimeInterval.

2. Add two DateTimePicker named dtpstrTime for the starting time and dtpEndTime for the end time. Insert 5 textboxes named txthours for displaying hours, txtminutes for displaying minutes, txtseconds for displaying seconds, txtmillesecond for displaying millisecond, and txtticks for displaying ticks. Add a Button named btnGo. You must design your interface like this:


3. Make a sub procedure named TimeInterval for separating the time intervals of the corresponding fields, copy this code below:

private void TimeInterval(TimeSpan ts)
            //use the properties of the timespan and it demonstrate  timespan.hours
            //,  timespan.milliseconds ,  timespan.minutes  , timespan.seconds
            // and timespan.ticks
                txthours.Text = ts.Hours.ToString();
                txtmillisecond.Text = ts.Milliseconds.ToString();
                txtminutes.Text = ts.Minutes.ToString();
                txtseconds.Text = ts.Seconds.ToString();
                txtticks.Text = ts.Ticks.ToString();
            catch (Exception ex)
                MessageBox.Show(ex.Message, this.Text);

4. For btnGo, copy this code below to get the time interval.

public void btngo_Click(System.Object sender, System.EventArgs e)
        //create a variable of a timespan
        TimeSpan time_span = new TimeSpan();
        //create the variable of a datetime
        DateTime strt_Date = default(DateTime);
        DateTime end_Date = default(DateTime);
        //set and convert the time from the datetimepicker
        strt_Date = DateTime.Parse(dtpstrTime.Text);
        end_Date = DateTime.Parse(dtpEndtime.Text);
        //subtract the starting time and the end time
        time_span = end_Date.Subtract(strt_Date).Duration();
        //perform the sub procedure that you have
        //created in displaying the time interval
    catch (Exception Ex)
        MessageBox.Show(Ex.Message, this.Text);

5. Now, put this code in your Form_Load.

public void Form1_Load(System.Object sender, System.EventArgs e)
    //set the value of the end date higher than the start date
    dtpEndtime.Value = DateAndTime.DateAdd(DateInterval.Hour, 9, dtpEndtime.Value);
    dtpEndtime.Value = DateAndTime.DateAdd(DateInterval.Minute, 30, dtpEndtime.Value);
    dtpEndtime.Value = DateAndTime.DateAdd(DateInterval.Second, 30, dtpEndtime.Value);



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