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David Kay, the seasoned weapons inspector who explained “We had been all wrong” about the pretext of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, was a person of integrity

Recognized for his intense inspection fashion and strong views concerning Iraqi compliance with their disarmament obligations, at the end of the working day, David Kay showed his correct grit by standing up to the earth and confronting them with the simple fact that they all acquired it mistaken on Iraq.

By the time I arrived in New York, in mid-September 1991, weapons inspectors from the United Nations Specific Commission, or UNSCOM, had been on the floor in Iraq on 16 separate instances, starting up in May well. Most of the inspections had been carried out in accordance with the on-web page inspection template born of the American practical experience in employing the intermediate nuclear forces (INF) treaty, which had entered into force in July 1988 and represented the world’s very first foray into on-web site inspection as a means of arms regulate compliance verification.

This template amounted to a gentleman’s agreement, so to converse, where by one facet presented a complete declaration of the places and products covered by an agreement supplying the inspections authority (in the situation of Iraq, this meant Stability Council resolution 687, handed in April 1991, mandating the development of UNSCOM and its disarmament mission), and the other side agreed to confirm the completeness of that declaration, and oversee the disposition of the materials associated, in a fashion which revered the sovereignty and dignity of the inspected occasion.

But there had been some noteworthy exceptions to this template. When Iraq presented UNSCOM with its declaration relating to its holdings of proscribed chemical, biological, nuclear, and extensive-selection ballistic missiles (collectively identified as weapons of mass destruction, or WMD), lots of nations who examined this declaration were being taken aback by what was not incorporated – Iraq experienced denied any involvement in either nuclear or biological weapons functions, and had appreciably beneath declared its chemical and extensive-assortment ballistic missile abilities.

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American intelligence had detected proof of the existence of substantial units acknowledged as calutrons, which had been utilised by Iraq to enrich uranium. These products have been not declared by Iraq. In June 1991, an inspection group from the Intercontinental Atomic Power Agency (IAEA), operating underneath the authority granted to UNSCOM, performed an inspection of a facility exactly where the calutrons experienced been noticed by US intelligence satellites. The team, led by an experienced safeguard inspector named David Kay, arrived at the place recognized by the Individuals, but had been denied entry for three days. Once the workforce was authorized to go within, there was absolutely nothing to be discovered – all the elements experienced been removed by the Iraqis.

The American satellites located a convoy of vehicles which were being loaded with the calutrons at a military camp west of Baghdad. Inspection protocol termed for the inspection group to give the Iraqis with highly developed observe of their intention to stop by a website selected for inspection. This time, nevertheless, David Kay led his workforce to the selected web-site with no furnishing the Iraqis the courtesy of sophisticated observe. Upon their arrival, the crew was prevented from moving into the web site by armed guards. Two inspectors climbed a close by watchtower, from the place they could see inside of the facility. They noticed the Iraqis driving the vehicles out of the back again of the camp and radioed this truth to the relaxation of the staff. An inspection car or truck gave chase, and quickly identified by itself alongside practically 100 intensely-laden vehicles, some of which carried the calutrons which, in the rush to leave the camp, the Iraqis experienced failed to appropriately cover. The inspectors took dozens of pictures, in advance of they were being compelled to cease by Iraqi troopers who fired warning pictures over their heads.

The damage was carried out. A lengthy diplomatic standoff between the inspectors and Iraq finished as soon as the UN Protection Council threatened to authorize the use of military drive. In the end, Iraq was compelled to admit that it experienced an undeclared system devoted to the enrichment of uranium but denied that this work experienced something to do with a nuclear weapons software.

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In a observe-up inspection in July, David Kay was able to ferret out ample inconsistencies in the Iraqi model of gatherings which, when blended with an emerging specialized picture drawn from the results of in depth forensic investigation and examination, pointed to the existence of a weapons plan. 

In September, David Kay led an additional crew of inspectors into Iraq. This inspection was diverse – as a substitute of IAEA safeguards inspectors and nuclear experts, the team consisted of a significant range of US exclusive forces and CIA paramilitary operatives properly trained in the artwork of delicate website exploitation – in quick, how to uncover paperwork and other elements concealed in a web-site. Armed with specific intelligence supplied by Iraqi defectors, David Kay’s workforce was equipped to uncover an archive of sensitive nuclear paperwork, which includes some which proved the existence of a nuclear weapons plan. Kay’s group took possession of the documents but was prevented from leaving the internet site by armed Iraqi guards. 

This standoff played out live on television, with David Kay turning out to be a home title by means of his numerous interviews done by way of satellite telephone. Right after several times, the Iraqis when all over again relented, releasing the inspectors and the paperwork, and were pressured after again to rewrite their nuclear declaration, this time admitting to the existence of a nuclear weapons application.

The guy who was single-handedly responsible for this accomplishment was David Kay.

I 1st “met” David Kay although serving as the UNSCOM responsibility officer for the duration of the September disaster, talking to him in excess of the telephone. Afterwards, when David arrived in New York for consultations, I watched him transient the UNSCOM team about his exploits but was way too intimidated by this legendary determine to tactic him. 

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David Kay’s superior profile proved also significantly for the stolid paperwork of the IAEA, and quickly later on, he still left the IAEA for calmer pastures in civilian existence.

In the meantime, my have profile grew as an inspector. By the summertime of 1992, I was involved in my very own standoff with Iraq as the team I experienced arranged and on which I served as the operations officer was concerned in a times-long standoff when Iraq denied us entry into a ministry creating in which its archive of WMD-related material was saved. That tumble, I conceived, arranged, and led a pair of inspections which assisted uncover the truth of the matter about Iraq’s undeclared ballistic missile pressure. Later on, I took the guide in investigating Iraq’s so-known as concealment mechanism, made use of to cover information and content from the inspectors. In the execution of this mission, the groups I led were being typically concerned in hard standoffs with Iraqi authorities and stability forces, frequently involving Safety Council intervention very similar in character to that which David Kay activated again in the summertime of 1991.

When persons accused me of remaining just like David Kay, I took it as a compliment of the maximum order.

Pursuing my resignation from UNSCOM, in August 1998, David’s and my paths diverged significantly. Primarily based upon my seven many years of function primary UNSCOM inspections in Iraq, I was certain that Iraq’s WMD holdings had been mainly accounted for, and that absolutely nothing of significance remained.

David, acting from the basis of his personal experience, took a diverse approach, accusing Iraq of concealing its WMD from inspectors who, in his feeling, had been simply not up to the endeavor of disarming Iraq in this kind of a contentious setting.

As the person responsible for conceiving and employing the methodologies, systems, and methods employed by UNSCOM to counter Iraq’s concealment efforts, I took umbrage at David Kay’s denigration of the do the job carried out by myself and my fellow inspectors, and viewed in increasing frustration as he was in a position to effectively lobby the US Congress and the mainstream media into embracing his faculty of assumed – that Iraq retained important quantities of WMD, and this reality represented a threat worthy of US army intervention.

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Many thanks in big aspect to the lobbying endeavours of David Kay, whose credibility as a previous inspector was unimpeachable, the administration of President George W. Bush was ready to get the US Congress to greenlight the invasion of Iraq, which transpired in March 2003. Shortly soon after official Iraqi resistance collapsed, in April, David Kay was selected to head up a CIA-operate group recognized as the Iraq Study Group, or ISG, which was tasked with searching down Iraq’s WMD courses.

Even though many persons common with David Kay’s biography refer to his time as an IAEA inspector as his best accomplishment, I have a further point of view. By the conclusion of 2003, David Kay was confronted with the complicated reality that the Iraqi WMD that he was tasked with uncovering, and whose existence Kay had adamantly testified right before the war as present, in actuality did not. Faced with this challenging real truth, David Kay resigned from his posture as the head of the ISG and, in a testimony just before Congress in February 2004, experienced the bravery and integrity to confess that, when it arrived to the existence of Iraqi WMD, “it turns out that we had been all improper, probably in my judgment, and that is most disturbing.”

David Kay handed away on August 12, 2022. He was 82 decades previous.

I will endlessly keep in mind him as the male who, in the fall of 1991, intimidated this battle-hardened previous Maritime by his presence and standing and, irrespective of our disagreement in excess of the pre-war disposition of Iraqi WMDs, as a gentleman who experienced the integrity to stand up and be held accountable for his mistakes.

David Kay will, to me, constantly stand for the epitome of bodily and ethical courage. It is a little something the planet could do with more in these making an attempt times, and for which the planet will be a lesser place now that he is gone.

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