This Chevy Volt Battery Replacement Shows An Outrageous Repair Cost After Only 70K Miles

Some Reddit end users are contesting the doubtful figures revealed by the controversial Chevy Volt battery monthly bill, though other folks assert the lacking dealership contact facts is an indication of it becoming inauthentic. Nevertheless, supplied the complexities of the Volt’s motor as shown in the movie previously mentioned, it appears to be like it may not be much too significantly-fetched after all. We have scoured a number of resources and unearthed that Chevy Volt battery replacement costs could go even better. Acquiring a Volt’s battery changed can assortment from as low as $3,400 to as a great deal as $34,000.

Of system, this would depend on the battery’s wellbeing and which generation of Chevy Volt is currently being fixed. The controversial battery monthly bill almost seems far more fair when as opposed to paying just about $35,000 in overall from other dealerships. It is not just Chevy’s PHEVs possibly, as changing the batteries on comparable EVs like the Tesla Product 3 and Volkswagen E-Golf can also price as a great deal as a brand new automobile. That mentioned, potentially paying top quality charges is just section of the grievances of opting for nascent technologies which is arguably nevertheless many years away from overall world wide adoption.

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