The Reason Why Ford Discontinued The Thunderbird

The 11th and final-technology Thunderbird sported a retro-impressed style. Based on who you communicate to, the style and design was both a enjoyable callback to a typical Ford style or a garish monstrosity. The front grille sported a chrome grimace that seemed like the Thunderbirds of the ’50s if you were being standing genuinely much away. 

This is the similar era in automobile design and style that birthed the PT Cruiser. There was obviously a little something malevolent going all over the car or truck field at the time. 

Mechanically, this era was where the Thunderbird actually acquired bizarre. It shared a platform with the Jaguar S-Type sedan, and Ford had a couple excellent engines to set in the Thunderbird: The 5.0L from the Mustang, which is a famous motor, and the 4.6L Modular, which is trustworthy and proficient. But in its place, Ford shoved a Jaguar V8 less than the hood. The engine was not a slouch, creating 280 horsepower, for each Edmunds. It wasn’t a terrible vehicle, but a unfortunate interior merged with divisive styling intended that the Thunderbird’s ideal times had been guiding it. 

In accordance to Hagerty, gross sales dropped off in 2003, with beneath 15,000 Thunderbirds leaving the dealership great deal. Its very last product 12 months was 2005.

It could be argued that the 11th technology outright killed the Thunderbird. But record tells us that the car’s loss of life transpired little by little over a long time and several generations.

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