The Most Expensive Keyboards That May Be A Total Waste Of Money

Like the Popularis but even even bigger, the Optimus Maximus from Artwork Lebedev Studio attributes particular person screens on all of its keys. Fairly than an Lcd display like the Popularis, the Maximus attributes OLED screens throughout all 113 keys, which can be separately configured to show something from visuals to online video instructions. The board is appropriate with each Windows and Mac systems, and it works by using an SD card to shop customized configurations, which can be rapidly switched among.

Significantly like the Popularis, the key concern with the Maximus is simply how useful it is as soon as the novelty of currently being capable to customise personal keys wears off. At a retail cost of $1,600 (or £1,140 in the Uk), it is close to ten periods the price of a good specialist keyboard, but in the real globe, it’s not that a lot much more handy. Cnet also tested the board and reported that it was tough to touch type with, as the tightly packed keys and mushy responsiveness led to tons of blunders. Its configuration could possibly probably be useful for a website developer, video clip editor, or gamer, but there are lots of keyboards out there that provide gimmick-free of charge configurability for a portion of the price.

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