The Google Pixel 6a appears to be as tough as the 6 Pro

What you have to have to know

  • The Google Pixel 6a managed to endure JerryRigEverything’s sturdiness exam.
  • Google’s new mid-ranger held out versus a harsh bend exam.
  • It is created of a plastic back panel and its monitor security is a 10-year-aged Gorilla Glass variation.

The Pixel 6a is just as tough as its additional expensive siblings centered on JerryRigEverything’s new toughness examination, in which the cellphone survived with no any difficulties.

Not like some of the most effective Android phones that unsuccessful several trials executed by YouTuber Zack Nelson, the Google Pixel 6a stood up to scratches on the screen and survived the concerted bend check. As usual, the test started off with Nelson scraping his razor blade across the Pixel 6a’s show. Scratches began to manifest at amount 6 on the Mohs hardness scale, with deeper grooves showing up at degree 7. It is not shocking, supplied that the $450 handset employs Corning’s 10-yr-old Gorilla Glass 3, even though this can be remedied thanks to many of the ideal Pixel 6a display screen protectors. Luckily, the fingerprint sensor stays functional.

The blade test also confirms that its body is designed of metal, resisting Nelson’s serious scraping and scratching. The again is plastic, however, which gave Nelson the fantastic material to showcase his artistic competencies compared with anything at all you have found ahead of.

Like the rest of Google’s Pixel telephones, the glass guarding the camera lenses on the again held out towards scraping. Even so, the plastic materials housing the relaxation of the digital camera lens failed to endure Nelson’s gauntlet as envisioned.

Then arrives the most predicted component of Nelson’s check, a defining component of a phone’s structural integrity. Inspite of the YouTuber’s endeavours to snap the mobile phone in half with his bare fingers, the Pixel 6a remained intact, contrary to the OnePlus 10 Professional and 10T that adopted it.

General, the cellphone emerged unscathed in JerryRigEverything’s standard litmus check, like the Google Pixel 6 Pro, which went by means of the identical beating late last 12 months. With the telephone having a plastic back, even though, you can expect to want to defend it with just one of the finest Pixel 6a scenarios.

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