Snoop Dogg Did a Song in the “Metaverse” and His Bling Kept Clipping Through His Torso

Kinda unfortunate, sorry.

NFT Occur Recently

Legendary rappers Calvin “Snoop Dogg” Broadus Jr and Marshall “Eminem” Mathers took the stage at this year’s MTV Tunes Video Awards to execute their one “From the D 2 the LBC,” with every performer rendered as a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT they individual.

It was an unpleasant try to blend the real globe and the “metaverse,” brought to existence in a cringe-inducing NFT extravaganza that felt more like a swiftly assembled marketing and advertising pitch than a music general performance.

The low energy rendering of Snoop Dogg in specific nearly appeared like an afterthought, with his digital chain, a nod to the common label Demise Row Information — which he obtained earlier this year with an eye toward world-wide-web3 monetization — continuously clipping by means of his torso, like a character in an improperly intended video clip game.

As these, the party seemed to typify the worries confronted by the two the metaverse and NFTs, every of which has managed to create substantial financial investment and buzz even although neither has always shown the advantage to justify that interest.

But hey, at least we acquired to see Em and Snoop shuffling around like figures from “The Sims.”

Hey Young children

A entire host of celebs — many getting old, like Broadus and Mathers — have jumped on the Bored Ape bandwagon as of late, paying tremendous sums on the exceptional legal rights to cartoon illustrations of simians.

But the over-all NFT market is not hunting much too good these days. In accordance to current estimates, the variety of NFT transactions has fallen off a cliff this summer season, foremost to renewed speculation about an impending NFT bubble.

Even the Bored Apes, one particular of the most significant NFT collections out there by transaction quantity, has been experiencing plummeting prices.

Will Snoop and Em’s thinly-veiled attempt at riding that wave confirm to be a conserving grace? Anything can occur in the new music business, but really don’t keep your breath.

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