Set yourself apart from the riffraff with this $15,000 Apple Watch case

Worn out of slumming it with just a regular ol’ highly-priced Apple Observe? Properly, you could costume it up a little bit if you fork about $15,000 for an Apple Enjoy case smothered in much more than 400 diamonds.

I mean, you have earned a unique treat now and all over again, do not you? A company termed Golden Thought thinks so.

Golden Strategy festoons its $15,000 Apple Look at circumstance with 443 diamonds

With Apple Observe 8 most most likely coming out on September 7 along with the Iphone 14 collection, now’s your likelihood to get started saving up for the bling.

Ok, well, for this diploma of bling, you may possibly have to prepare even further ahead, like Apple View 50. Unless you’re rich, that is.

As noted in Slash Gear, Swedish luxury brand Golden Concept features what seems to be like the most ostentatiously deluxe Apple Look at circumstance ever. The corporation called it the most pricey a single ever manufactured, and it planned to make just 7 of them for Apple Look at 7.

Designed to purchase, the Golden Idea Diamond Version features 443 diamonds on a circumstance carved from a sound block of titanium.

And the strap that arrives with the case isn’t rubbish, either. It’s “made from customized Fluoroelastomer, a heat-, cold-, and chemical-resistant fluorocarbon-dependent synthetic rubber,” the corporation claimed.

At the inquiring rate, you may not be terribly stunned to listen to the circumstance also comes with an Apple View 7. And you can get a personalized engraving on the scenario again.

And really don’t be concerned,  you can also preorder a situation for Apple View Series 8 models. You can be rather specified few if any of your cubicle-dwelling coworkers will have a person.

Value: $15,000

The place to buy: Golden Principle

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