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send sms flutter

Project: Send SMS Application in Flutter

About the App:

This is an application that has a Flutter Plugin for sending SMS and MMS on Android and iOS. If you send to more than one person it will send as MMS. On the iOS if the number is an iPhone and iMessage is enabled it will send as an iMessage.

How To Use

You can send multiple ways:

  1. Message and No People
  2. People and No Message
  3. Message and People

This will populate the correct fields.


Make sure to Install and Import the Package.

import 'package:flutter_sms/flutter_sms.dart';


Create a function for sending messages.

void _sendSMS(String message, List<String> recipents) async {
 String _result = await sendSMS(message: message, recipients: recipents)
        .catchError((onError) {


You can quickly send the message with this function.

String message = "This is a test message!";
List<String> recipents = ["1234567890", "5556787676"];

_sendSMS(message, recipents);

Output Screenshots:

ios sms application in flutter

ios sms application in flutter


android send sms

android send sms flutter


Run on the project folder:

  • Check if the branch is origin/develop.
  • Then run in terminal flutter packages get.
  • If you don’t want to emulate the SDK on your computer, you need to connect your mobile phone.
  • After that run with F5 if you use Visual studio code or run with the button play in Android Studio.

Online Demo Here:

Download Here

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