Securing Your Business: Tools of the Trade

Every business has proprietary information that requires secrecy. From key recipes to design plans, each company has a right to tightly hold their data under wraps. There are many tools of the trade that can secure your business from any disclosure. Explore these tools and what they can do for you.

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Bag Seals

Although many data transfers are by way of computer software programs, there are still shipments that are physical by nature. Paycheck stubs, tissue samples and other sensitive items must be transported in and around town. Think about simple security in the form of a pull seal. These fasteners hold a bag or other item in a closed position. No items can be pulled from the container until it reaches its final destination.

GPS Security

A clever tool for security purposes is GPS on any field vehicles. The company always knows where the vehicles are and their transport details. Employees remain productive while theft is almost impossible. The GPS tells you every detail about the vehicle, which includes speed values.

Revolving Access Codes

You might have several POS computers in which a few of them are laptops. Logging into the business’s server creates a possible breach when these POS computers are compromised in the field. Use revolving access codes for the mobile computers. A separate dongle is needed in order to input the code and access the server.

Retina Scans

An incredibly serious type of security measure is in the form of a retina scanner. Your retina is essentially the back area of the eye. Similar to a fingerprint, every retina is unique to the individual person. Your company might install a retina scanner in order to control who gets in and out of a building.

Securing your business is an evolving art. The tools and programs that come with any security aid have their benefits and drawbacks. Be sure to evaluate your program as the months and years go by. There might be upgrades or improved hardware that’s waiting for you. The latest security tools are the safest to implement.

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