Rivian is working on ‘front dig mode’ – a new version of ‘tank turn’

Back again in 2019, when Rivian was just another EV startup, it delivered a tidal wave of virality by teasing “tank change,” in which a shiny new R1T pickup drove in, spun in location, then drove off. A the latest patent exhibits that Rivian may well be developing a similar method, termed “front dig manner,” that turns far more tightly and may well be easer for EV motorists to use. It’s likely just as probably to damage a bunch of important trails although.

Rivian attained a whole lot of notoriety 3 yrs in the past by submitting that “tank turn” online video, which as its identify implies, is effectively turning on a zero radius. You know, l like a tank. Check it out.


Due to the fact then, numerous automakers have patented their very own variations of tank-turn, like Toyota, GMC, and Ford. Funny enough, Rivian alone experienced to hold off the characteristic owing to its difficulty and at this issue has pretty substantially scrapped it completely.

Mercedes-Benz seems to have figured it out with its future EQG all-electrical G-Wagon, sharing a video in a similar vein to the a single posted earlier mentioned by Rivian.

Whether Mercedes’ edition of “tank turn” helps make it into the creation product EQG is however to be decided. Both way, the maneuver is significantly more tricky when there is not a expert driver guiding the wheel.

Despite the fact that Rivian appears to have deserted the tank turn for now, that doesn’t imply it didn’t go right back to the drawing board. A patent submitted by Rivian final month reveals options for a equivalent aspect referred to as “Front Dig Mode” that seems to offer a restricted turn radius to match future competitors with 4-wheel steering.

  • Rivian Dig Mode

Rivian patents ‘front dig method,’ but that is all it could be

Shout out to Rivian Boards and consumer Soiled_B for submitting the patent filed by Rivian on July 19, 2022. Here’s the abstract from that patent, that describes a “front dig mode” maneuver:

Programs and methods are presented herein for functioning a car or truck in a entrance dig mode. The entrance dig manner is engaged in response to analyzing that pace of the vehicle is below a velocity threshold and deciding that the volume that at least 1 of the entrance wheels of the car is turned exceeds a change threshold. Although functioning in the front dig method, ahead torque is provided to the entrance wheels of the auto. Even further, resistance is applied to forward rotation of the interior back again wheel of the automobile. But even more, ahead torque is delivered to the outer back again wheel of the automobile.

As you can see from the diagram over pulled from the “dig mode” patent, the Rivian automobile utilizes its own torque to energy distinct wheels and proficiently transform the EV. The entire entrance is propelled ahead as is the rear outdoors wheel (of the turn direction). The rear inside wheel produces resistance by spinning backward, hence pushing the EV in a limited round motion.

As with a lot of patents, Rivian may well basically want to get “front dig mode” shielded and may possibly not genuinely have any intention of employing it into its autos. But what if? You by no means know, but I’m sure Rivian enthusiasts have their guard up, continue to stinging from the amazing carpet of “tank-turn” becoming pulled out from underneath them.

Even now, this manner appears a little bit easier to use than tank-turn and could show practical on some tight turns when up on the trail.

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