Purple iPhone 14 Pro appears in the wild

We are considerably less than two weeks absent from Apple’s “Significantly Out” event on September 7, and we may possibly have just gotten a glance at a purple Apple iphone 14 Professional in the wild.

Twitter account DuanRui posted a video clip before these days that demonstrates what appears to be an Iphone 14 Professional in the hands of somebody. As they shift the Iphone all around it looks like, at sure angles, it is in fact a purple-coloured Apple iphone.

You can verify out the video shared on Twitter underneath:

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The video clip appears to be to be pulled from an add to the social media website Weibo. The write-up on that internet site states:

“From the most recent model, it can be observed that the shade of apple is a bit appealing. Purple will only seem at a specified angle.”

Are we having an Apple iphone 14 Pro in Purple?

Even though there is almost nothing like viewing a movie of a likely Apple iphone colour, there is often the possibility it is simply a design somewhat than a genuine mobile phone. The actuality that the mobile phone isn’t demonstrated with its exhibit on is a different cause to forged question on its becoming respectable.

That said, it would be awesome to see Apple continue to grow its colorways on the Apple iphone and bring a daring new color to the Pro lineup. This would not be the first time we’ve gotten a purple Iphone, however. Apple introduced a purple Apple iphone 12 as a specific color a few of yrs back.

If we do get a purple Apple iphone 14 Professional, we will see it at Apple’s “Significantly Out” function that the company is keeping on Wednesday, September 7. In addition to the Apple iphone 14, Apple is also to announce the Apple Look at Sequence 8 as very well as the 2nd generation of the Apple Watch SE. An Apple Enjoy Pro and AirPods Pro 2 are also rumored to be introduced at the function.

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