Pre-Owned Cubicles: To Buy or Not to Buy?

As the owner of a startup business in need of office furnishings, you may need to keep a tight rein on your expenditures. If so, providing your staff with pre owned cubicles could be the answer.

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Where Do Pre-Owned Office Cubicles Come From?

Pre-owned office cubicles hit the market for a variety of reasons. Their original owners may:

  • relocate and not want the expense of moving them.
  • decide to remodel and go with a different look.
  • go out of business.

No matter why business owners decide to dispense with their office cubicles, they usually do it through furniture liquidators.

Pros and Cons of Buying Pre-Owned Cubicles

Buying pre-owned office cubicles can be like buying used cars. After giving them purely cosmetic touch-ups, the liquidators sell them as-is. You can’t ask for any upgrades. So, if you want an office that makes a state-of the art impression, pre-owned cubicles may not be for you.

Another downside to shopping for pre owned cubicles is that most furniture liquidators only want to sell them the way they buy them — in large lots. You might not find someone willing to sell just a few.

On the positive side, buying pre-owned cubicles has allowed countless business owners to furnish large office with nearly new cubicles from top-notch manufacturers, More importantly, they did it at steeply discounted prices.

Besides the possible discount involved, going with pre-owned office cubicles can benefit your business in another way. Because they’re already used, they’ll depreciate much more slowly than brand-new ones.

On the fence about whether open bench stations would suit your employees better than private cubicles? An Oxford Economics study of 1,200 office executives and employees found more than half of them believed cubicles increased productivity.

The Bottom Line

Until your business is on a sure footing, saving money wherever you can is critical. Sound-absorbent, productivity-boosting pre owned cubicles can be a very big part of that.

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