Popular Twitch trends and what they mean

Twitch is dwelling to some of the most entertaining live streams on the world. Having said that, to maintain up with subjects and trends, you will need to have to know what some conditions and emotes suggest. For case in point, do you know what KEKW usually means on Twitch?

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THE Brief Reply

KEKW is an emote utilized to express a laughing reaction.

L + Ratio is a expression people today use to mock a write-up lots of disagree with and will not like.

Kappa is an emote utilized to convey sarcasm, irony, and a deficiency of general seriousness.

POG, or “PogChamp,” is an emote utilized to convey pleasure, pleasure, and buzz.

Copium, usually represented as an emote, is a fictional drug serving to the poster offer with loss, depression, or sadness.


What does KEKW suggest on Twitch?

KEKW is a well-liked Twitch emote of El Risitas (Juan Joya Borja) laughing hysterically. Since 2019, it is been a very-employed response to amusing happenings on-stream or in chat.


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History OF KEKW

The KEKW emote on Twitch originates from a 2007 job interview hosted on the Spanish Tv program “Ratones Coloraos,” or “Red Mice.” Interviewee Juan Joya Borja broke down into a match of laughter during just one phase, and interview host Jesus Quintero could not aid but snicker as effectively.

This seemingly infectious laughter has turn out to be immortalized as a popular Twitch emote and an world wide web meme.

What is L + Ratio on Twitch?

L + Ratio (+ You ____) is not an emote on Twitch. It is not even utilised solely on Twitch.

Throughout various social media platforms (such as Twitter and Twitch), L + Ratio is a mocking insult that people today deliver in response to a put up.


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The ‘L’ part stands for reduction, or “taking an L.” It’s rather straightforward.

‘Ratio‘ refers to when a write-up is (a) unpopular or disagreeable, and (b) has accrued much less likes than replies. If somebody disagrees with a publish and their reaction accumulates more likes than the unique article, people today may possibly include extra responses that say “L + Ratio.”

That stated, the time period “ratio” right now is observed as a kind of internet trolling. For the reason that the dislike button is absent from quite a few social media platforms, folks settle for a subpar (and, in lots of circumstances, immature) resolution like “ratio.”

What is Kappa on Twitch?

The Kappa Twitch emote is ordinarily utilised to infer sarcasm or irony. Ordinarily additional at the close of a sentence, it is also employed in a extra generic feeling to let audience know that you aren’t critical or are “trolling.”


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As a favorite of world-wide-web trolls, from time to time all reason is thrown out the window and Kappa is spammed repeatedly in chat.

kappa example

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Heritage OF KAPPA

The Kappa confront emote is a picture of Josh DeSeno. DeSeno was an staff of Justin.Tv set, which at some point became Twitch. When it was still little, Justin.Tv set uploaded emotes of several of their employees—like numerous near-knit corporations do in just their circles. As it would change out, Josh DeSeno’s emote caught hearth and turned wildly well-liked.

What does POG indicate on Twitch?

“POG”—at least in its literal sense—is an acronym referring to the “play of the sport.”


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On Twitch, Discord, and other gaming communities, PogPoggers, PogChamp, and PogU all reference an legendary facial expression produced by Gootecks (Ryan Gutierrez) in a Cross Counter Tv set movie from 2010. This emote is even now normally made use of nowadays to convey exhilaration, pleasure, shock, and hype.

Why just cannot I uncover the PogChamp emote on Twitch?

In January 2021, Gootecks posted a query on Twitter that Twitch interpreted as inciting additional violence following Donald Trump supporters stormed the United States Capitol.

gootecks comments

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As a end result, Twitch proceeded to ban the unique PogChamp emote showcasing Gootecks’ face. The authentic emote has not been unbanned because then and can not be made use of on the Twitch system even as a custom upload, as that would go towards TOS (phrases of assistance).

twitch responds to gootecks

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Since so numerous “hype” cases nevertheless take place all the time on Twitch, they made a decision to preserve the PogChamp emote. On the other hand, instead of Gootecks’ deal with, they subbed in a dinosaur generating a comparable expression.

pogchamp today

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What is Copium on Twitch?

Copium is a new pattern on Twitch that has been expanding in attractiveness. When some thing unfortunate, unhappy, or disadvantageous comes about on-stream, it is popular to see users in chat comment with “Copium.”

copium pepe meme

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Copium is a mixture of the words “cope” and “opium,” and blends their meanings to a selected extent. It’s supposed to be a fictional drug that helps the poster offer with loss and is represented by a meme of Pepe the frog attached to a tank of Copium.


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