Online Healthcare Patient Record Management System Using PHP/MySQL

online healthcare patient record management system in php

About this Project:

Online Healthcare Patient Record Management System is customized utilizing PHP programming language and MySQL as the database. An online patient record framework in human services is a sort of clinical data framework, which is committed to gathering, putting away, controlling, and making accessible clinical data critical to the conveyance of patient consideration. The focal point of this framework is clinical information and not money related or charging data.

⌨️Features of this System ⌨️
⭐️Client Side ⭐️
– Login/Logout Nurse/Staff as a user
– View Patients
– View Medical Records
– View Complaints
– Monitor Patients
⭐️Admin Side ⭐️
– User Management
– CRUD – Patients
– Admit/Admit Patients
– Complaints/Illness Dashboard
– Monitor Patients
– Create history of complaints using graphs
– Integrated with graphs and tables for monitoring complaints of patients in their Baranggays

Please refer to the video demo below on how to run this project.

Download Here

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