Online Examination System In PHP/MySQLi

online examination in php

About this Project

Online Examination System is directing a test online to quantify the information on the members on a given theme. In the times past, everyone needed to accumulate in a study hall simultaneously to take a test. With online assessment understudies can do the test on the web, time permitting, with their own gadget, paying little heed to where they live. You just need a program and a web association. This additionally makes c checking the appropriate response simple and blunder evidence as PCs are more exact than man and give quick outcomes as well. PHP is an electronic language so we can make an online assessment framework in PHP.

Features of the System:
⌨️Client Side⌨️
⭐️ Registration
⭐️Take Exam
⭐️View History
⭐️View Ranking
⭐️Submit Feedback
⌨️Client Side⌨️
⭐️ User management
⭐️ CRUD – Students
⭐️ Create and Remove Examination
⭐️ View and Change Examination
⭐️View History and Rankings
⭐️ View Feedback

Please refer to the video demo below on how to run this project.

Download Here

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