Online Art Gallery Management System Project Using PHP/MySQL

Online art gallery management system project in php

About this Project:

Online Art Gallery Site is an application that permits purchasers to buy works of art, sacred texts, models on the web. The buy is only a tick away, you don’t need to go to some old exhibition halls and purchase from chosen stuff. This online venture will furnish you with a wide scope of decisions. The enrollment in this application is free, not normal for different destinations. It gives different classifications as well, in purchasers’ agreement.

⌨️Features of the System ⌨️
⭐️Customer Login
⭐️Admin Login
⭐️CRUD – Art
⭐️Art in Sale
⭐️Add to Cart/Purchase Mode
⭐️Payment Mode
⭐️Sidebar Website Logo Links
⭐️Contact us

Please refer to the video demo below on how to run this project.

Download Here

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