One of Tom Cruise’s best movies is about to hit Netflix

Tom Cruise is probably ideal known in the regular film-goer’s mind for blockbuster franchises like Mission Extremely hard and Top Gun. But, like quite a few actors, he’s also turned in some remarkable performances about the years that do not get near enough of the credit history that they deserve. 1 this kind of example, in my belief, is new on Netflix this week: It is Collateral, a 2004 thriller directed by Michael Mann, which sees Cruise enjoy a terrifying, silver-haired hitman named Vincent.

Jamie Foxx is the other direct actor right here, actively playing an common cabbie named Max whom Vincent orders at gunpoint to push him all over LA above the system of a lengthy night. Vincent has numerous assassinations to total, and Max inadvertently provides the wheels.

New on Netflix this week: Collateral

Collateral comes on Netflix on Thursday, September 1, just one of what’s currently shaping up to be a jam-packed thirty day period for new releases on Netflix.

The movie is also as Michael Mann as it will get — macho, nocturnal, and noirish, with a dwell-wire sadist of a legal, as perfectly as explosive gunfights that will get your heart pounding like a jackhammer.

A single of the most memorable scenes lasts just a few seconds, perhaps 10 or 15 in full (likely from memory in this article). It is the “Yo homie, that my briefcase?” scene, when a couple of strung-out losers steal Vincent’s briefcase (containing materials he needs for his killings) out of the back again of Max’s taxi. Vincent had briefly stepped absent, out of frame.

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In the span of, as I say, about 10 seconds, Vincent — keeping up the two arms — waits until finally a single of the two before long-to-be-dead assailants keeping a gun gets in point-blank assortment. Vincent then cooly knocks the gun out of his hand and in the similar motion reaches at the rear of his back again to pull out his personal.

He then removes the two of the males in a hail of bullets. Prior to, in simple fact, either just one has had a possibility to discharge his possess weapon in what probably is one particular of if not the very best occasion of technically proficient gunplay ever captured on movie.

Rotten Tomatoes ratings

Over-all, the motion picture is electric powered, menacing, and … perfectly, dammit, now I have talked myself into wanting to check out it once more, presented that it is just one of the new releases hitting Netflix later this 7 days.

If you are curious what other folks have stated about the motion picture, Collateral now has a really solid 84% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. That is primarily based on much more than a quarter of a million person rankings on the critique aggregation web site. “A tightly directed video game of cat and mouse that showcases one particular of Tom Cruise’s excellent but unusual villain performances,” a person of the most latest reads.

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