Nearly 35% Of People Didn’t Realize Android Phones Had This Hidden Feature

In a SlashGear survey, we requested participants to enable us know some of the hidden features they didn’t comprehend have been out there on their Android phones. Out of the 592 U.S. respondents we surveyed, 34.80% stated they failed to know their Android smartphones experienced a guest method built to defend their privateness though an individual else is making use of it. In addition to that, 20.27% didn’t have a clue that you could automatically disable your lock monitor when you might be at residence, and 17.91% did not know about the a person-handed manner that can make it simpler to management your telephone without the need of straining your finger.

Did you also know that you can split the display screen of your Android smartphone and run applications aspect by facet? Well, 17.40% of the individuals we polled didn’t know about that awesome attribute. Nonetheless, most respondents ended up informed that you can improve the textual content and impression visibility of your Android smartphone, thinking about that only 9.63% of the folks we requested did not know about it. Beyond that, there are other concealed attributes on your Android smartphone that you most likely do not know about. It’s time to obtain out! 

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