Must-Have Software for the Independent Trucker

If you’re an independent trucker, you have a lot of things to consider for your safety, comfort and well-being. There is, however, one thing that a lot of truckers don’t think about. One overlooked area is the software they use both to run their business and to use while on the road. Here are three types of software that every trucker should have.

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Productivity Software

First, independent truckers need to find some tools for locating where there are truck loads available. The life-blood of your business is having something to transport, so finding a good solution for this should be your top priority. Another important piece of software for a trucker is accounting software. You need to be able to track your income, expenses, fees, taxes and more. Finding a software solution that fits your needs will save you a lot of headaches come tax time.

Traffic and Map Software

Truckers are on the road all the time. Being able to find your way, keep track of traffic and know when there are road hazards is vitally important. Google Maps is a must-have piece of software for truckers. It is the best map software on the market. A great companion to this is Waze. Waze is great at flagging road construction, broken down cars and even speed traps.

Entertainment Software

When you’re spending long hours on the road, you need a way to stay engaged and alert. One option is music and podcasts. A great choice of software is Spotify. It has a huge library and is free to use. However, sometimes listening to music or a podcast isn’t enough. A second option is audio books. These are great at keeping you engaged. Consider a service like Audible if you’re interested in listening to books.

Truckers are the backbone of the nation. They keep consumer products flowing and on the shelves at retailers everywhere. If you’re part of this important class of people, consider the software solutions above to help you get your job done the best you can.

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