Microsoft bars Tutanota users from registering MS Teams accounts

According to a Microsoft spokesperson, it will not be possible to improve the present-day scenario with Tutanota.

Tutanota has about 2 million registered buyers but Microsoft is actively blocking Tutanota email addresses from registering a Microsoft Groups account. For your details, Tutanota is a safe e mail company that gives finish-to-finish encryption to guard your messages from remaining study by 3rd parties.

According to Hanover, Germany-based email support company Tutanota, this is a “severe anti-aggressive practice” and a obvious endeavor by Microsoft to restrict users from making use of a secure electronic mail service.

Having into reseasoning, Tutanota’s spokesperson explained to that Microsoft is blocking Tutanota addresses for the reason that they do not acknowledge Tutanota as an electronic mail company, but as a ‘corporate address.’

When the 1st Tutanota user registered a Groups account, they ended up assigned the area. That is why (as revealed in the screenshot below) everyone who logs in with a Tutanota handle really should report to their ‘admin’ now. 

Microsoft bars Tutanota users from registering MS Teams accounts
Screengrab shared by Tutanota

Matthias Pfau, co-founder of Tutanota wrote in a blog article that his organization followed up with Microsoft but a spokesperson responded that it will not be achievable to modify the present condition with Tutanota.

Microsoft would only have to adjust the options that Tutanota is an e mail provider so that all people can register an personal account but they (Microsoft) say these types of a change is not feasible.


Nevertheless, this is a significant difficulty for individuals who want to use both of those companies, as they can’t register a Microsoft Teams account. Nonetheless, Tutanota even now expects Microsoft would make the needed variations and will not hurt its 2 million person foundation.

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