Microsoft bars Tutanota users from registering MS Teams accounts

In accordance to a Microsoft spokesperson, it will not be feasible to change the recent condition with Tutanota.

Tutanota has around 2 million registered customers but Microsoft is actively blocking Tutanota e-mail addresses from registering a Microsoft Teams account. For your details, Tutanota is a secure e mail service that presents finish-to-conclusion encryption to defend your messages from staying examine by third events.

According to Hanover, Germany-dependent electronic mail services supplier Tutanota, this is a “severe anti-aggressive practice” and a very clear try by Microsoft to restrict customers from applying a protected e mail services.

Acquiring into reseasoning, Tutanota’s spokesperson informed that Microsoft is blocking Tutanota addresses because they do not acknowledge Tutanota as an e-mail support, but as a ‘corporate address.’

When the very first Tutanota person registered a Teams account, they have been assigned the area. Which is why (as revealed in the screenshot below) absolutely everyone who logs in with a Tutanota deal with need to report to their ‘admin’ now. 

Microsoft bars Tutanota users from registering MS Teams accounts
Screengrab shared by Tutanota

Matthias Pfau, co-founder of Tutanota wrote in a weblog submit that his organization adopted up with Microsoft but a spokesperson responded that it will not be doable to modify the existing scenario with Tutanota.

Microsoft would only have to transform the settings that Tutanota is an e mail company so that absolutely everyone can sign up an particular person account but they (Microsoft) say such a transform is not possible.


However, this is a big problem for those people who want to use each services, as they can’t sign up a Microsoft Groups account. However, Tutanota even now expects Microsoft would make the required variations and will not damage its 2 million person base.

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