Mac mini should shrink down into a keyboard

There’s no rationale the Mac mini has to consider up unwanted desk place. Apple can and should really establish the complete personal computer into the keyboard. The end result would reduce muddle, producing it an great laptop or computer for any one dwelling in tight quarters. And it would be very portable.

It’s entirely attainable with tech Apple has now. Here’s how.

Potential iMac mini: A blast from the earlier

Some of the earliest own computer systems have been developed into a keyboard. That includes a Commodore VIC-20, a laptop or computer produced in 1980. And the followup, the Commodore 64 from 1982. We moved away from that design and style, but it is grow to be sensible once again.

And a Mac mini in a keyboard would not be just about so chunky as those early styles. To recognize why, consider the very slender 2022 MacBook Air:

X-ray of 2022 MacBook Air with Apple M2
Take out the screen, batteries, and many others. and what’s left of the MacBook Air matches very easily beneath its keyboard.
Image: iFixit

Take out the screen, batteries and trackpad and the full computer system would suit under the keyboard with space to spare. And there you go: a Mac mini in a keyboard.

Observe that the reduce half of the laptop’s clamshell is .3 inches thick so the very similar macOS desktop would be about as slender as the standalone Apple Magic Keyboard, which as .43 inches at its thickest.

Look at the benefits

You never often hear men and women say, “My desk is as well large. I want there was more junk on it.” It’s commonly really the reverse (as you well know). A Mac mini mixed with a keyboard is a single fewer detail on the desk. And that is a real reward for all those residing in a dorm home, dice or compact apartment.

And when the keyboard/pc is not as transportable as a MacBook, it’s nevertheless incredibly uncomplicated to have. Someone with displays at household and workplace could move their Mac involving them in a backpack or briefcase.

There would not be sacrifices in the new design and style. Every thing the Apple M2 processor wants matches in the slim 2022 MacBook Air, and (as famous) the proposed Mac mini is a modified edition of that notebook. They the two use Apple’s chip made for purchaser-oriented desktops.

As well as, the top rated edge of the theoretical macOS desktop would have plenty of place for USB-C, USB-A, HDMI and Ethernet ports. And these would be far more quickly available, alternatively than remaining hidden powering the laptop on the edge of your desk.

Not that the design is excellent: there’d likely be far more cables stretched across the desk. But every single product has a handful of negatives.

And there are organizations that mount the present Mac mini on racks in server rooms who will not like this layout adjust. Possibly Apple can maintain the old form aspect all over for this group if there are sufficient revenue to justify it.

Assume about it… Apple is

If your reaction to this suggestion was “This is these kinds of a horrible idea that Ed need to have mind problems,” think about that Apple could previously be doing work on a Mac mini with just this design and style. In early 2022, Apple submitted a patent software for a desktop computer system that is also a keyboard.

The tremendous-trim but potent new MacBook Air proves that the corporation could take the structure off the drawing board and make it a reality.

It not only could, it should.

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