Keep Employees Happy by Understanding Their Needs

Happy employees are less likely to leave the company, are more eager to help out, and work with others to create a friendly atmosphere within the company. If you have a big turn over rate, unhappy employees, and find that you are constantly struggling to keep the peace, you might want to do a little research and find out what your employees really want out of their job.

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If you want your employees to have respect for you as their boss, you have to have respect for them. Although you don’t want to try to be their best friend, you can be their boss without being controlling and domineering. Be a leader. Ask for help rather than demanding it, and talk to your employees instead of down to them.

Encourage Solidarity

Many owners of larger companies dread unions, but allowing your workers to create or join groups like unifor local 1285 ontario that support current workers and retirees creates an understanding atmosphere between management and employees. Rather then fearing that they will demand better treatment, begin treating them better on your own without the threat of a union. Find out what is important to them, and do your best to provide it.

Recognize That They are People Too

Most importantly, remind yourself that your employees are people, They are people with families and other obligations outside of the workplace. Allow days off for important situations. Sometimes all an employee is looking for is a little understanding. One day off for a family emergency is much better than having them quite over it.

Once you understand the needs of your employees, you will be able to create a work environment that everyone will appreciate. Treating your workers with the same respect you expect, allowing them to participate in organizational activities, and realizing they are people with lives outside of the workplace will go a long way in developing a better relationship with your workers.

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