iPhone 13 mini: The best compact phone isn’t the Galaxy Z Flip 4? Samsung, make a mini Galaxy S23!

For a few yrs now, Samsung’s been hoping to fix a “problem” that, ironically, the South Korean organization helped to develop.

The Galaxy Z Flip line of phones is all about becoming a fresh new compact solution in the sea of increasingly big slab phones – you know, like the Galaxy Take note that Samsung 1st launched in 2011.

But what can make a compact cell phone a excellent compact telephone? Is it the pocketability component? Most likely it’s how lightweight the product is? Or simply just how easy it is to run with a person hand? Or is it its capacity to fold in fifty percent?

I’d argue the most compact smartphone kind-factor that we have today is however a slab cell phone, but that might not be true for you. Anyway, in a search for the most realistic compact telephone, I have made a decision to set jointly a brief Iphone 13 mini and Galaxy Z Flip 4 encounter-off that outlines the two distinctive methods Apple and Samsung have taken when it will come to smaller sized phones.

Also, will Samsung make a Galaxy S23 mini?

Galaxy Z Flip 4: Samsung’s compact cellphone is not definitely compact, but just… pocketable

To cut to the chase, Samsung’s strategy of a compact mobile phone (at minimum as significantly as the Galaxy Z Flip series is worried) is for the phone to be… pocketable, which is brilliant and checks an vital box in my e book of compactness. You have your cellular phone in your pocket every day, and not obtaining a large bulge in your denims that will not let you sit down to tie your shoes can be correctly annoying.

Nonetheless, I just can’t assist but see that in its mission to create a folding telephone that seems and feels “normal” when unfolded, it has also experienced to make a number of compromises on the compactness facet of things.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is marketed as a compact product, but if we set apart the pocketability benefit it undoubtedly has about telephones like the Galaxy S22+ and Apple iphone 13, it definitely doesn’t really feel any diverse than individuals products when it’s not chilling out in your pocket.

  • The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is on the large facet for a telephone which is marketed as compact and easy to have all over – it’s just about as major as Samsung’s “normal” flagship, the Galaxy S22+, and significantly heavier than the Iphone 13
  • When unfolded, which is how you will use it 99% of the time, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 isn’t a cellular phone that you can run with 1 hand as it’s almost just as massive and heavy as a Sony Xperia 1 IV

At 50 % the value of the Galaxy Z Flip 4, my Iphone 13 mini checks all the boxes of a compact cellphone without any of the comprises of a clamshell foldable

I hope it comes as no surprise to you that, in my view, telephones like the Apple iphone 13 mini or even the slightly bigger than the mini Iphone, Galaxy S22, and Asus Zenfone 9 are better at currently being compact than the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

I comprehend and respect that the pocketable Flip has its viewers, but I do consider that most people today who want a compact/modest phone want it to be compact/smaller at all instances.

I’ve been making use of the Iphone 13 mini for more than two months now, and I can unquestionably say that irrespective of the apparent shortcomings in comparison to my Pixel 6 Professional (like the lack of a telephoto digicam and a big monitor for multimedia intake) the Apple iphone 13 mini has been an complete sport-changer when it will come to its dimension:

Iphone 13 mini enables me to use my phone with a single hand at certainly all times, even when my other hand is busy, and I have to pinch to zoom in Google Maps, when I’m going for walks down the avenue
It is incredibly light-weight as opposed to a little something like a Galaxy Z Flip 4 (141g vs 187g) and skinny adequate to mainly under no circumstances be a hassle when in my pockets

Goodbye, fanny packs? Considering the fact that I switched from Pixel 6 Pro to Apple iphone 13 mini, I really do not want to just take my cell phone out of my pocket when doing work out at the fitness center.

An additional gain of going with a compact slab cell phone is that I really don’t have to stress about the toughness of the Iphone 13 mini as substantially as I would have to with a clamshell foldable.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is significantly much more vulnerable to damage when unfolded when compared to a “normal” mobile phone. Aside from that, an evident fault in Samsung’s present-day style is that the Flip 4 stays exposed and inclined to harm even when folded, many thanks to the significant gap which is still left involving the two parts of the display simply because the cellular phone doesn’t shut totally. Ironically, this also helps make it considerably thicker than it now is and wants to be.

No Apple iphone 14 mini: Should Samsung decide up the place Apple still left off and make a Galaxy S23 mini?

I’ll wrap this up with what is possibly a extremely unanticipated question…

Considering that Apple is now practically definitely on its way to ditching the mini Iphone owing to bad income, and replacing it with the Apple iphone 14 Max, really should the Android leader in the smartphone planet decide on up exactly where Tim Prepare dinner & Co still left off and make a Galaxy S23 mini?

On paper, this seems like a poor company idea because even Apple did not regulate to make a certainly effective compact cellphone. On the other hand, even though, that’s according to Cupertino’s sky-superior specifications when it arrives to profits.

That is not a dig at Samsung, but it is a fact that Android flagships as a entire never come any where near the Apple iphone when it comes to profits figures. In a way, Samsung is in a far better position to consider a gamble. Moreover, at minimum in my feeling, a Galaxy S23 mini would basically be a improved compact telephone than the Z Flip 4, which I think is simply pocketable.

That staying explained, owning performed with the vanilla Galaxy S22 product, I wager that the 6-inch size with thin bezels will be perfect for most folks. Possibly not the ones with the smallest of fingers, but most…

So, convey to me, would you be fascinated in an Iphone 13 mini-sized Galaxy S23 flagship, and do you concur that it’d make a superior compact phone than the Z Flip 4?

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