Intel Core i9-13900 (non-K) Spotted with 5.60 GHz Max Boost, Geekbenched

An Intel Main i9-13900 “Raptor Lake” (non-K) processor was noticed in the wild by Benchleaks. The non-K areas are anticipated to have 65 W Processor Base Electric power and aggressive energy-administration, compared to the unlocked i9-13900K, though the main configuration is identical: 8 P-cores, and 16 E-cores. In addition to tighter ability limitations out of the box, and a locked multiplier, the i9-13900 also has lessen clocks, with its most boost frequency for the P-cores established 5.60 GHz, in comparison to the 5.80 GHz of the i9-13900K. It truly is even now a tad larger than the 5.40 GHz of the i7-13700K.

Examined in Geekbench 5.4.5, the i9-13900 scores 2130 details in the solitary-threaded check, and 20131 factors in the multi-threaded one. Wccftech tabulated these scores in comparison to the present-day-gen flagship i9-12900K. The i9-13900 finishes up 10 % more quickly than the i9-12900K in the solitary-threaded exam, and 17 p.c faster in the multi-threaded. The single-threaded uplift is thanks to the greater IPC of the “Raptor Cove” P-core, and slightly greater raise clock even though the multi-threaded rating is served not just by the higher IPC, but also the addition of 8 extra E-cores.

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