Intel Asks Xe-HPG Scavenger Hunt Winners to Accept a CPU In Lieu of Graphics Card

Remember that Xe-HPG Scavenger Hunt that Intel hosted past year? If you in some way missed it, Intel was probably supplying away some Arc graphics cards to 300 lucky winners. There were two various tiers of prizes, grand prize and 1st prize, which later ended up translating to an Arc A770 and an Arc A750 graphics card respectively. Now information by way of VideoCardz are suggesting that Intel is hoping to get out of supplying these 300 people their prize, effectively, at minimum the promised graphics card, in trade for an Alder Lake CPU.

Intel has apparently sent out an electronic mail to the winners, inquiring them to acknowledge an Intel Main i7-12700K if they were being a grand prize winner and a Main i5-12600K if they were a very first prize winner, in its place of the promised graphics card. The winners have until finally Friday the 19th of August to make a decision if they want a CPU as a substitute of a GPU, despite the fact that Intel is seemingly continue to permitting them to wait for a GPU, the enterprise just will not say how extended the wait will be. As the prize has to have a very similar retail price tag, it truly is also doable to get a ballpark figure of the MSRP of Intel’s supposedly approaching Arc 700-series graphics cards. The Arc A770 really should finish up at all over the $410 mark and the A750 all around the $290 mark, as this is the ballpark MSRP for the CPU’s that are becoming made available. It would be fascinating to know how quite a few individuals would be prepared to do the trade, but unfortunately we are not likely to at any time come across out.

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