Intel 700-series Chipset Motherboards Feature Higher Memory OC Headroom Complementing That of “Raptor Lake”

Intel 700-series chipset motherboards could appear with improved memory overclocking capabilities, recommend an alleged leaked specs-sheet of an MSI Intel Z790 chipset motherboard. As the pioneering system for DDR5, Intel 600-collection chipset motherboards, specially those people primarily based on the Z690, typically marketed DDR5 memory overclock speeds of all over DDR5-6000 or DDR5-6200 in their specs sheets, as the then-pricey DDR5 memory kits commenced at JEDEC-spec speeds of DDR5-4800 in the entry-level, with general performance-phase kits around the DDR5-6000 mark.

The unnamed MSI Z790 chipset motherboard supports DDR5 overclocked frequencies of around DDR5-6800 at 1DPC (a person DIMM for each channel) with single-rank modules around DDR5-6400 with 1DPC + dual-rank modules around DDR5-6400 with 2DPC + solitary-rank modules and around DDR5-5600 with 2DPC + dual-rank. Before studies instructed that Intel is “discouraging” motherboard suppliers from coming up with 700-sequence motherboards that function DDR4 memory slots, but this won’t signify there won’t be any. MSI has an Intel Z790 motherboard with DDR4 slots in the works, and it truly is able of overclocks of up to DDR4-5000 in the most ideal configuration, and DDR4-4000 in the minimum exceptional a person.

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