I make £250 a night to just sit and look pretty – and that’s the minimum per shift

A Woman has revealed how she makes £250 for every change by ‘just sitting and wanting pretty’.

Tiktoker Espy Marie has shared a clip with her followers describing how that’s the least sum she tends to make per night and with minimal exertion.

The Tiktoker has explained how she makes £250 per shift


The Tiktoker has defined how she makes £250 per changeCredit history: TIKTOK
She has showed the bucket full of dollar bills


She has showed the bucket entire of dollar chargesCredit: TIKTOK

The girl, who performs as a doorway hostess at a strip club, captioned the movie: “$300 today for just sitting down pretty. It was surely a gradual Sunday”

The clip commences with her sitting down easily at a chair at the venue’s entrance.

She said: “Let’s depend how a great deal income I make right now door hostess at a strip club”.

She goes on to say that amongst 12pm to 1pm she produced $29 (£24.5) adding that by her next hour of work she built $50 (£42).

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The Tiktoker then turns her digicam to a glass jar entire of greenback expenditures in which she collects her suggestions declaring: “It is 3.30 and my bucket is obtaining extra comprehensive.

“I counted, I created $90 (£76) so considerably.”

The clip fast forwards by means of the finish of her change with the tiktoker stating: “It’s 7pm finish of shift I designed a full of $200 (£170) money tip moreover the $100 (£85) I make for my hourly.”

Other Tiktokers ended up fast to share their ideas with most looking at a vocation alter.

Just one said: “choose out the tips so that it looks less complete and ppl are extra probable to tip”.

Yet another 1 extra: “I’m in the completely wrong business”

Another person wrote: “please put up a tutorial on how you identified this occupation”

A different a person mentioned: “nicely appears like i’m about to get a occupation as a host”.

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And this entrepreneur who was terrified of leaving her job for her facet hustle now can make £45.5k a 7 days.

And a male has managed to help you save £10,000 for his wedding thanks to a side hustle.

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