How to Remove Unwelcome Contacts From Your iOS Share Sheet

Do contacts preserve popping up in your iOS Share Sheet that you would somewhat not see there each individual time you open it? Retain reading to learn how to get rid of them.

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Whenever you go to share one thing on your Apple iphone or iPad employing the Share button, iOS provides up the activity check out – usually named the Share Sheet – at the top of which is a row of recommended contacts with whom you’ve got interacted not long ago. Swiping along this row reveals far more contacts, and the icon in the corner of each individual profile photo implies the application that you frequently use to connect with that person.

These advised contacts are helpful if you share a great deal of things with the exact same folks, but there may be instances when you would favor not to see specific contacts there, for illustration if someone is a replicate suggestion more than several apps, or if you you should not want to attract awareness to your common comms with a particular another person. Whatever the motive, you can basically steer these sharing suggestions to surface a lot less usually, or not at all. This is how.

Make Contacts Seem Much less Often in iOS Share Sheet

  1. Tap the Share button (the box with an arrow pointing out) in any application to carry up the Share Sheet.
  2. Extended push on the prompt speak to that you want to see a lot less frequently in the Share Sheet.
  3. Tap Propose Much less in the popover menu.

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Bear in head, undertaking this will not likely guarantee that the get hold of would not show up in the Share Sheet once more in long term, but if you continue to keep repeating it any time they do clearly show up, iOS will inevitably get the message.

Take away All Contacts From the iOS Share Sheet

Shorter of deleting their make contact with in the Contacts application, the only way to promise that another person isn’t going to preserve turning up on your Share Sheet is to disable the get hold of strategies row entirely.

  1. Open up the Configurations application.
  2. Scroll down and tap Siri & Search.
  3. Beneath the “Suggestions From Apple” area, toggle off the swap up coming to Present When Sharing.


Which is all there is to it. Now the following time you invoke the Share Sheet, you will never see any get in touch with profiles at the best. You can reverse the transform just as very easily by switching on the Clearly show When Sharing toggle once again.

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