How to host an empowerment program

It can be a really exciting experience to host an empowerment program. To enrich and inspire the lives of others is noble and positive. Whether this is a paid or free event, you want to make sure that it goes as smoothly as possible. Always strive to execute the details with excellence. As you begin the planning process, don’t forget these four tips.

empowerment program

1. Event Ambiance
The ambiance is important because it sets the tone for the entire event. If you pick the right venue, you might not have to invest a ton of time into creating the decorations. Make sure that you do your best to work with the setting. If the walls of your venue are black, don’t try to work against it. Create a theme that will enhance the look. Hire a great DJ or create an awesome playlist that can softly play throughout the night.

2. Refreshments
Depending on the length of the program, it’s wise to provide refreshments. If it’s a sit-down dinner event, make sure that you hire the right chef and do a taste-testing in advance. Do your best to provide options for people who might be vegan, vegetarian or sensitive to certain foods due to allergies.

3. Program Participants
Your speaker is one of the most important people to consider. Make sure that your speaker is powerful and impactful because they will take the event to the next level. If people are coming to be empowered, make sure that the speaker embodies that and can execute. There are tons of business motivational speakers you can consider. Do your research and ask for recommendations. It’s also good to hire an event coordinator who can keep the event flowing. When things don’t stay on schedule, a program can quickly get stale. Make sure that you have people in place to introduce the speakers, a host and servers. You don’t want to try and carry the brunt of the workload on your own back.

4. Marketing
Get the word out about the event. Use social media, radio commercials and flyers to make sure people are aware. Host a site where they can get more information and sign up. Your marketing efforts can quickly make or break the success of your event.

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