How Background Checks Work

If you’ve ever applied for employment beyond a high school job flipping burgers, chances are you’ve experienced a background check. If you really wanted the job, most likely you complied with whatever your prospective new boss required without asking many questions. For future reference, however, here are answers to questions you might have asked.

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What Is a Background Check?

Comprehensive background checks for employers are one method used by companies to vet prospective new hires. Background checks are also required for purchasing a firearm, vehicle, or house, and, usually, when applying for a rental property. These checks are often completed by a third-party organization that has been hired specifically for that purpose.

How Extensive Is a Background Check?

Most background checks are comprised of similar basic components. Basic checks typically include things like education, past employment, driving history, and criminal record. More specialized jobs might require additional information, such as financial history, or even drug testing. Background check information can be obtained via a person’s social security number, full name, and date of birth. Consent must be given prior to being subjected to the process.

What Is a Reputable Credit Check Agency?

When using someone’s social security number to run a credit check, it’s important to keep that information safe and use it only for the intended purpose(s). Therefore, hiring a high-quality agency is essential. The following points should be considered before enlisting the services of a company to run background checks for your organization: reputation, experience, efficiency, customer service, and – most importantly – compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

In this era of heightened cyber security and identity theft, background checks are more important than ever. Companies want to be sure that they are hiring the best person for a job, someone who is representing himself or herself honestly and with integrity. Quality background checks completed by a reliable organization can help to facilitate the process.

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