Hospital Record Management System In VB.NET

Hospital Record Management System in VB.NET

It’s a big challenge for some hospitals dealing with the records of every patient and how they will be able to manage well the workflow inside the hospital. But with this Hospital Record management system, there will be no more trouble of handling records because it’s a software-based system that could quickly provide the records of every patient from admitting of patient, discharge, diagnosis and etc..Because proper filing of patient’s medical records ensures accurate and easy retrieval that lessens the waiting time of the patient at the hospital. This system simplifies all management processes, and this solves the problem that the hospital faced in the current manual order.

These are the following features of the system:

  • Rooms
  • Physician
  • Diagnosis
  • Patient
  • Admit Patient
  • Discharge Patient
  • Reports
  • Manage User
  • Login and Logout

You can access this system using the following accounts:

username :admin,er,station1

password : admin,er,station1

Download Here

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