Here’s how people feel about seeing content on their phone’s lock screen

Sony Xperia 1 IV lockscreen

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We not long ago done two polls on Android Authority, asking our viewers just how considerably time they commit on their phone’s lock monitor and if they would like to see the area populated with articles that also serves up advertisements. Here’s how they voted in both of those polls.

How a great deal time do you invest on your lock screen in a working day?

Do you want content with adverts on your Android phone’s lock monitor?


We acquired just around 5,000 votes in both our polls mixed. The first poll about how a great deal time folks invest on their Android phone’s lock monitor exhibits that most men and women really don’t actually pause on the house.

85% of the voters mentioned they just devote a number of seconds on their phone’s lock display each individual time they unlock their handsets. About 10% mentioned they most likely shell out amongst 5 to 10 minutes on their lock screens each day. 3% voted to say they clock more than 20 minutes on their lock screens on a day-to-day foundation. It is truthful to say that the share of men and women spending extra than 10 minutes on their device’s lock screen is negligible.

In our 2nd poll, our readers emphatically noted that they would not like to see any written content on their lock screens, enable by itself content material with ads. 95% of the respondents ended up against the notion of lock display screen content material, though 2% reported they won’t mind it or would really like to see it. A mere 1% voted to say they are indifferent about information on their phone’s lock display.

Your Remarks

ADofCLE: I for a single, would return the device and get an Apple iphone if I turned it on and see this bull on my lock display.

Tony’s Texas Hots: Yeah, I’m a pretty dedicated Android user, but this would definitely push me to Iphone.

Michael W.: I commonly just get the “eh it is not so bad” solution when decisions like this occur all over. But this 1 I am all in on the heck no answer. This is overall crap and need to not materialize. We buy these devices and it’s software program for ridiculous quantities of money (if you get flagship) and now we have to set up with low cost “Amazon Kindle fire-like” advertisements? Nope nope and nope. I’ll go to pinephone, or get a bootloader unlockable cellphone and get rid of them. I use iPhones for get the job done and honestly simply cannot stand iOS. I want there was a respectable third OS solution.

Aunty Podes: Marketing has gotten absolutely out of hand. It is a suffering in the RRR’s – virtually unattainable to escape the obnoxious crap. I am so pissed-off with it that I consider no observe regardless of what of what they test to sell me. Notably annoying is the simple fact that the b…..ds get compensated when it is shown – not when you answer.

cocogoat major: What is up coming, “watch 5 minutes of ads to keep on your cell phone call”!? I would relatively toss my cellphone in a lake and swap to a Nokia 3310 than have lock monitor advertisements. I would not wish lock screen advertisements on my worst enemy.
I will Never ever turn off my AdBlock or Adguard DNS.

AJAS: No ads but I appreciate the thought of glanceable details like the Apple iphone will exhibit. Of course the Apple iphone has FaceID so you can unlock the lock display screen but not dismiss it which is outstanding. Then you can see this details not like on Android.

veesonic: I’m a single of individuals brave souls that completely disables the lock screen and has no password on my telephone 🤪 I want my telephone expierence to be as quick as possible. Just get me in there so I can get out lol.

Kusuma Loka: Xiaomi did this (look on lockscreen) in MIUI for years. And most of MIUI user disable this attribute due to the fact bothersome.

daftrok: I have aspect fingerprint so I in no way see my lock monitor. Quickly as I grab my cellphone its unlocked and I can go to whatever application or swipe down from everywhere to check out notifications.

Rgd: I do not think any one looks at lockscreen these days. In particular when you can just faucet the fingerprint scanner and leap ideal into the phone. I do not even don’t forget my lockscreen wallpaper! And about “glance”, i really don’t know why individuals are finding so worked up around one thing you can just convert off, or even uninstall if you know a minor bit of ADB.

John: This is horrible for stability. As men and women will just start disabling the lockscreen all with each other just so they don’t have to offer with it.

Ladha: I was indifferent but the details use and ads popping up throughout meetings have confident me that this is a undesirable strategy.

Arun Topez: The ONLY justifiable area adverts on the lockscreen should be permitted, is if the cellphone was no cost/intensely discounted. With telephones costing such a high-rates (even extra than regular laptops), this would be these kinds of a silly and determined tactic to get benefit of consumers. And I say the identical factor with Android Tv as very well considering that they force on advertisements on their as effectively on premium gadgets.

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