Encouraging Wellness Among Your Employees

With unemployment rates at their lowest point in many years, employers are trying to draw in attractive candidates with unique perks. From flex hours to remote commutes, employment benefits are more than just a pension fund anymore. Improving people’s lives through wellness is a trend among businesses today. Take a look at the steps that you can take toward a happier workforce than before.

Encouraging Wellness Among Your Employees

Creating an Exercise Period

Sitting at a desk for eight hours straight isn’t exciting for any employee. It can be downright unhealthy too. Create an exercise period for your employees. Try a company-wide challenge with a brisk walk each week. Some offices go as far as forming teams and competing over several months.

Regardless of your strategy, always prioritize exercise. It keeps your insurance costs down, the employees happy and produces profits that are hard to explain otherwise.

Opening up Alternative-Medicine Doors

You offer insurance to your employees, but go a step further than general practitioners and dentists. Try alternative medicine, such as the services at a Tampa health center.

Alternative medicine can include chiropractic visits or medical marijuana. Use your best judgment when it comes to alternatives. Ask your team about their opinions. Creating access to alternative medicine that’s valued can make your company a place to stay for life.

Constructing Flex Hours

A perk that most employees enjoy is flex hours. They might pull 4-10s, which is four days of work at 10 hours each day. Each weekend, therefore, is a three-day period. Some employees need to leave and come back during the standard workday. These flex hours allow parents to shuttle their children around town without worrying about their standing at the company. Out of every perk, flex hours tend to be the most popular.

Because the workplace is becoming more relaxed than ever before, don’t forget to maintain a professional atmosphere. Everyone should be comfortable, but not so casual that offensive issues arise. A healthy, work atmosphere will keep everyone on their toes as they strive for a common goal.

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