Dragon Quest Treasures: Plot, gameplay, release date, and everything you need to know

The Dragon Quest collection is no stranger to spin-offs as there have been quite a few via the several years. After the achievements of Dragon Quest XI S and particularly the popularity surrounding a person of the main people, Erik, it truly is no surprise that a new activity facilities all over this thief and his sister. As an alternative of preventing together with the Luminary, Dragon Quest Treasures will have players discovering a string of islands where by they can recruit monsters, explore, and dig up buried goodies. 

Dragon Quest Treasures: Plot

Dragon Quest Treasures: Erik running next to monsters.

(Picture credit rating: Square Enix)

We have been 1st introduced to Erik in Dragon Quest XI S, where by he was one particular of the key character’s touring companions. This common Switch match brought us into this thief’s qualifications a tiny, like a look into his childhood with his sister, Mia. Dragon Quest Treasures seems to explore that childhood more, concentrating on the siblings’ adventures lengthy before the activities of XI S. Considering how preferred Erik grew to become between admirers, it can be not surprising he’s acquiring his have spin-off. 

In Treasures, Mia and Erik are youngsters who prolonged to go hunting for treasure. Then the two are brought to a peculiar land referred to as Draconia, which is a string of islands that are just bursting with treasures for them to locate. In the vicinity of the begin of the journey, Erik gains a flying, pink, cat-like spirit guideline named Purrsula as a sidekick whilst Mia gains a traveling environmentally friendly pig sidekick identified as Porcus. 

Upon finding out that they can recruit monsters, the siblings examine the land, develop groups of monsters to combat along with, and go browsing for the best treasure of all. Effective rivals are also on the hunt for worthwhile goodies, so you will need to have to struggle them off from your finds. 

Dragon Quest Treasures: Gameplay

Gamers have the capacity to swap amongst controlling Erik or controlling Mia. You really don’t have to fret about keeping them equally leveled up as Sq. Enix’s official website page states that “development and character growth are shared concerning them.”

As you examine Draconia’s string of islands, you will uncover quite a few various landscapes each individual with its individual established of monsters. Alongside the way, you may be able to recruit monsters to your staff. Each monster’s particular expertise can aid you receive extra treasure. For occasion, they can perception buried treasure or give you a trip. They also assist Erik and Mia achieve new spots, like how the siblings can cling to a Dracky’s legs and control it whilst it flies to better platforms to arrive at goodies. 

You will fight alongside your monsters as nicely. The wellbeing and magic bars for your workforce of monsters surface on the display and your monsters can level up to get more robust. 

Dragon Quest Treasures: Is there multiplayer?

Dragon Quest Treasures: Mia fighting an Orc.

(Graphic credit history: Sq. Enix)

Regretably, it doesn’t seem like Dragon Quest Treasures delivers multiplayer of any sort. According to the Nintendo web page, there is an on the web ingredient in addition to the solitary program solo journey. Even so, even the on the net part only is effective with one participant. 

Dragon Quest Treasures: Platforms

Dragon Quest Treasures: Mia on Cookie's shoulders.

(Image credit: Sq. Enix)

Despite Dragon Quest XI S initially coming to Xbox and PlayStation in advance of coming to Nintendo Change, Treasures is at the moment only coming to Switch. It’s unclear at the minute if this adventure will make its way on to other platforms, but it will most likely count on how effectively Treasures performs on the hybrid console very first.

Dragon Quest Treasures: Release date and preorders

Dragon Quest Treasures: Erik and Mia holding glowing daggers.

(Graphic credit score: Square Enix)

Dragon Quest Treasures is established to launch on December 9, 2022, and is now available for preorder on key retailer sites like Amazon and Very best Obtain. You can obtain a digital or physical copy. 

X marks the place

It took Dragon Quest XI S a little lengthier to land on Nintendo Switch than it did for the RPG to arrive to PlayStation and Xbox. Nevertheless, now Nintendo is obtaining its very very own spin-off only for the hybrid console. Erik and Mia’s tale was an attention-grabbing 1 so it truly is no surprise that we’re becoming given far more of that relationship to explore. 

Dragon Quest Treasures is not like mainstream Dragon Quest online games in that it won’t observe the regular sample of traveling throughout a entire world in a mission to defend Yggdrasil, the Earth Tree. Instead, players will receive monsters, fight off rivals, and discover a planet just to uncover treasure. It seems like a game you can truly get misplaced in. 

You can at the moment nab your preorder with both a electronic or physical copy at most main stores. That way you can be in a position to leap into the pleasurable when Treasures launches on December 9, 2022.

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