AMD Teases Next-Gen RDNA3 Graphics Card: Claims to Repeat 50% Perf/Watt Gain

AMD in its Ryzen 7000 start even teased its next-generation Radeon graphics card centered on the RDNA3 graphics architecture. Developed on an advanced course of action node just like “Zen 4,” AMD is hoping to repeat the magic of the RX 6000 sequence, in acquiring a 50% performance-for every-Watt obtain more than the preceding era. which allows it possibly to construct some actually successful GPUs, or consume the iso-electricity headroom to significantly enhance general performance at comparable electrical power amounts as the latest-gen.

AMD’s teaser bundled a quick seem at the air-cooled RDNA3 flagship reference-design, and it appears to be like beautiful. The firm showed off a live demo of the card enjoying “Lies of P,” a AAA gaming title that designed waves at Gamescom for its visuals. The video game was revealed taking part in on an RDNA3 graphics card functioning on a device with a Ryzen 9 7950X processor at 4K, with excessive settings. AMD CEO Dr Lisa Su verified a 2022 start for RDNA3.

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