AMD Ryzen 7000 Desktop Processors Launched: Zen4, Leadership Performance

AMD is anticipated to announce the Ryzen 7000 desktop processor collection based mostly on the “Zen 4” architecture, and we’re reporting from Austin Texas.

23:02 UTC: AMD to introduce “Zen 4”, RDNA3, Zen 4C and XDNA architecture more than the future couple quarters.

23:04 UTC: “Zen 4” created to be the swiftest core for gamers and most compute for creators.

23:05 UTC: Zen 4 IPC uplift is 13%, up to 5.70 GHz clocks, up to 29% one-thread performance raise.

23:06 UTC: Ryzen 9 7950X gives up to 35% gaming performance increase, up to 48% creator overall performance enhance. Crushes i9-12900K.

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