5 Quick Ways to Fix Corrupted Content Error [Firefox, Gmail]

You can fix this problem by clearing the cache in Firefox

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  • If you receive a Corrupted Content Error while browsing the Internet with Firefox, it’s either the server or the browser to blame. 
  • If the browser causes the errors, this article explores some of the things that you can do and check. 
  • The Corrupted Content Error on Gmail can be avoided by using another browser.


Fix corrupted content error

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Some users have stated that a Corrupted Content Error shows up in Firefox when they try to open a few specific websites in their browsers.

The error message states: The site at [URL] has experienced a network protocol violation that cannot be repaired.

As a consequence, users can’t open the required sites in Firefox. These are a few resolutions that will probably fix the Corrupted Content Error in Firefox. The solutions listed here will also work in the following cases:

  • Corrupted Content Error in Gmail
  • Corrupted Content Error on Outlook
  • Sharepoint Corrupted Content Error

What causes Corrupted Content Error?

There are various reasons behind the error, but one of the most common is being connected to a public network. So, verify that and connect to a home network.

Also, a corrupt browser or DNS cache can cause the error on Gmail. When it’s encountered, the screen reads, The site at https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/ has experienced a network protocol violation that cannot be repaired.

Besides, there’s also a possibility that the problem lies at the website’s end, and in this case, you may report it to the administrator and wait while the issue gets resolved.

How do I fix a Corrupted Content Error?

1. Switch to another browser

The corrupted content errors in Firefox are not so scary, but they are definitely annoying because they prevent you from accessing certain websites.

So, the easiest solution to avoid them is to use a better, error-free browser like Opera. This browser is free, and you will be able to import the bookmarks from Firefox in no time.

Not only that you will not experience the corrupted content error anymore, but you will benefit from a lot of top features like a built-in ad blocker, automatic tab sync on all your devices, and a free, built-in VPN.

For those who are unaware, VPN is a service that redirects your online traffic through other servers around the world in order to protect your privacy.

Moreover, you will benefit from the social network buttons for Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.


Change your browser to Opera to avoid errors and enjoy a fast browsing experience.

2. Clear Firefox’s Cache

  1. Launch Firefox, and press Ctrl + Shift + Del to open the Clear Recent History utility.
  2. Select Everything from the Time range to clear dropdown menu.everything
  3. Check the box for Cache, and click on OK at the bottom.clear cache to fix corrupted content error

The Corrupted Content Error is usually due to corrupted caching. Firefox users have confirmed that clearing the browser’s cache fixes the issue.

Also, you could use an efficient and trustworthy tool; CCleaner removes unwanted browser add-ons, repairs invalid registry files, or speeds things up when started.

Because we spend so much time on the Internet, privacy protection is also a feature of the CCleaner. This will help you stay safe while we’re online. By analyzing your internet cookies, cache, and history, these PC cleaners can ensure your privacy is protected.

CCleaner keeps Firefox and Chrome entries clean by removing inactive programs and damaged entries from internet files. When you see the scanned registries on the CCleaner screen, click the Clean button to delete the corrupted files.

It is also able to scan and delete cookies, cache, and such from Firefox and other browsers as well.

3. Is the webpage down?

It might just be the case that the website is down. So, check if the website you’re trying to open is down or not. To do that, open the Is It Down Right Now website in a browser.

Then enter the website’s URL in the text box and click the Check button. The server status check will then tell you if the website is down. If it’s down, it’s possible that Firefox will show a corrupted content error.

4. Hard refresh the webpage

If the website isn’t down, try refreshing the website where you come across the Corrupted Content Error.

To do that, press Ctrl + Shift + R in Firefox. That will hard refresh the page (or bypass the cache) to ensure that it displays updated content. If this doesn’t fix the error, head to the last method.

5. Clear the DNS Cache

  1. Close Firefox if it’s open.
  2. Press Windows + S to open the Search menu, enter Terminal, right-click on the relevant result, and select Run as administrator.terminal
  3. Click Yes in UAC.yes
  4. Press Ctrl + Shift + 2 to open Command Prompt.
  5. Now paste the following command, and hit Enter:ipconfig /flushdnscommand to fix corrupted content error

Some users have also stated that they’ve fixed the Corrupted Content Error in Gmail by clearing the DNS cache. Clearing the DNS cache will also ensure that it gets updated.

Those are the best resolutions that have fixed the Corrupted Content Error for Firefox users. Also, find how to fix the Server not found error in Firefox.

If you have any other solutions in mind, write them in the comments section below.

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