3 Jobs You Can Find at an Employment Agency

When you are on the hunt for a new job, you may face some challenges finding where to start. Do you go online to job sites and get lost in an endless abyss of descriptions and forms? Do you go to individual company websites to find their hiring practices? One option you could explore is a local employment agency. These companies get paid to place qualified workers into job openings either on a temporary basis or a permanent one. Take a peek at three jobs you can get using an employment agency.

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1. Agricultural Positions

Farms are always in need of caring, especially when it’s planting and harvesting time. Even in-between seasons cleanup and maintenance finds workers busy with laborious activities. If you have experience in the agricultural industry, or if you’re looking for a change of pace, a place like h2a employment agency may have listings that meet your needs.

2. Office Administration

Some office positions are filled quickly and efficiently through an agency. If you need something part time, check out the listings at your local employment placement company. Since they specialize in placement for all needs (including filling in for workers out on maternity and paternity leave), there is usually a variety of office work available. From clerical to reception to secretarial, there should be something that suits you.

3. Contract Attorneys

Professional job placement, such as attorneys, can also be found through an employment agency. Vacancies at law firms and companies looking for qualified lawyers are easily filled when using a placement agency. One of the best parts about searching through the agency is there is more than one vacancy to fill, so you get to decide what you want to do. You are not a slave to one opening.

Job agencies are helpful when looking for a way to place the bills. Whether you want to change careers, work fewer hours or find a second job, you’ll get variety and options going through a placement agency.

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